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8:30AM - 10PM

10% off all online orders! Applied in-store. Discounts cannot be combined.


At Piece of Mind Cannabis we pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of carefully selected products which our staff personally help select. Step into a friendly & laid back atmosphere. Follow us on a greener path to enlightenment!

Dewey Vendor Day

20% Off All Products. Stop By And Meet The Vendor Between 4-7pm!! *discount applied in-store*

Ounces for $100 or less!

Try Our Night Time Recommendations!

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  • Flower

    Pure, unadulterated cannabis.

  • Preroll

    The ultimate in convenience.

  • Vapor

    Convenient, subtle, and potent.

  • Concentrate

    Highly potent, flavorful, and versatile.

  • Edible

    Delicious, discreet and highly effective.

  • Beverage

    Refreshingly potent infused drinks.

  • Tincture

    Drops and spray for subtle convenience.

  • Topical

    Lotions, balms and oils absorbed through skin.

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